Upcoming show



Friday the 30th of November Helena Hall will be releasing her debut album ‘Songs for Peninsula’. To celebrate this, they are playing a special release show in the chapel of the monastery: ‘Klooster Oude Noorden’. I’ve heard a couple of the songs and they sound great! Come and enjoy the music!

Reservations: helenahall.band@gmail.com
Entrance: 10,-

Snowstar Records 15th anniversary

As Snowstar Records we’d like to celebrate our 15th anniversary with you! We selected 15 records of our entire catalog. We’ll highlight them in the upcoming weeks, and give you a special 15% discount for a week as a little birthday present.

The second release is ‘Ballads for the Heathens or Dying‘ by Bart van der Lee! See the link in comments.
Labelmanager Cedric about Ballads for the Heathens or Dying:
“Every artist we work with spends a lot of time and effort on the artwork of their releases, but Bart van der Lee is a special league on his own. Together with Nick Liefhebber and Job Kind he made such a beautiful package for his last album that it truly became a piece of art. Job made woodcarved illustrations that are probably tattooed on people by now, and Nick made sure that the paper of this digipak was printed in the most impossible blue and gold to make it look so special. Our printer absolutely loved this job, and you should really discover the awesome murderballads this art holds. Fun fact: Bart van der Lee designed our Snowstar Records Logo because he didn’t like the old one enough to put on his record. Now that’s bonding.”



Will You Think Of Me

Thanks to the lovely people of Sofar Sounds Utrecht, here’s a video together with my wife Anne-Fleur 

Last show

This is a most irregular and actually extraordinary moment of me during my last show. I believe this to be the very first picture (still) ever taken, catching me with a smile on my face during a show.

Therefor this share ;)


Album Release Party!!!


New picture by Nienke Veneboer

Thanks to Nienke Veneboer, who placed me in front of her camera, here’s the beautiful result of a new portrait picture by her!

I’ve been privileged to have seen Nienkes work develop over time and I’m honored that I’m part of it now!

For more about Nienke and her imagery check out her website: www.nienkeveneboer.com

Picture by Nienke Veneboer


Let’s Get Physical

You can pre-order our album ‘Popular Postitions’ now!

The first 20 orders get a free personalised version of ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’!

-  Vinyl: € 19,00
-  Compact Disc (CD): € 12,00
-  Digital: € 8,00

Pre-order your copy right here:


I Was Made For Lovin’ You

Just in time for Valentine’s day: DISCOHEN’s video for I Was Made For Lovin’ You! It would mean the world to us if you help us share the lovin’ by sharing this video!

Also available on:
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1SHLQB8
iTunes: http://apple.co/1PksL3P

The release date for the album ‘Popular Positions’ is May 20.

Snowstar Records 12,5 years

GREAT NEWS! My label Snowstar Records will celebrate their 12,5 birthday in TivoliVredenburg on April 14th!

Come check out performances by Kim Janssenbroeder Dieleman and Ian Fisher and hang out with us.
There will also be a label-yardsale with lots of discounts and exclusives. And. We. Will. Have. PARTY! (incl afterparty Pop-O-Matic)

Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/1SspX8K
fb-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1714018125496196/



As you might have noticed it’s been a bit quiet from my side. Nonetheless I’ve been working hard and it’s time for some renewal. So as for now, I will be joining the band DISCOHEN.


DISCOHEN plays classic disco songs Leonard Cohen-style, with a lustful mood that will arouse your basis instinct ;)  
This great collaboration is an initiative by Pim van de Werken.

Come and see us at one of the try-outs in Tilburg, Deventer, Utrecht or Zwolle.

A Video For ‘Reign In My Heart’ By New Sounds Of Europe

Waste of Life – Official Video Online

Here is ‘Waste of Life’, from the album ’Ballads for the Heathens or Dying’.
It was very nice to have worked with HOAX, who came up with the great idea of this music video and made it reality. Thanks to them and others here’s a new video to enjoy!

Concept and art direction: HOAX
Film and direction: Stijn Ghijsen
Edit: Jokko Voogt
Set dressing: Tamara van der Leek
Barber: Martijn Proemstra – Barber

Buy this song and/or the album here

Music Video Release!

After a few months of work, it is finally finished! A new music video in cooperation with HOAX. We will celebrate this with a drink, a small live show and a nice presentation.

On Saturday, May 10th in a brand new location at Ledig Erf (Utrecht).
Admission is free.

Would you like to attend? You can register by emailing to: info@bartvanderlee.com Places are very limited so be quick

If you’re not able to be there with the premiere, the video will be online soon!




Living Room Tour 2014


Rockstone Sessions

Check out these songs I did for Rockstone Sessions! Enjoy!

Raspberry Sessions


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Living Room Tour

Bart van der Lee live in your living room?

After my successful club tour I’m coming to your living room! From April through June I’ll be on tour with my new album “Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying”. With my narrative texts, moving subjects and subdued songs I’ll visit you.

Do you want a memorable evening like this? With deep, raw, melancholic lyrics that will move you? A special happening where audience and performer become one. That is possible!

What you should do:
- Organize a room, workshop, garden, patio, basement, attic or something similar that provides space for live music and an audience.
- Invite 15-50 friends, family or acquaintances to join you in this experience together.
- For more information send an email to: Martijn Mannak; martijn@fortheroad.nl

Bart van der Lee - Tiovli

Spring Tour 2014

I‘m excited to invite you to one of my new shows for this “Spring Tour 2014″! Check out when I’m playing near you. Hope to see you there and then!


Last chance to win a shell

This is the last weak and possibility to win the last in the series of five multiples!

What you have to do:
Buy my new album “Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying” in the Plato Utrecht!

This sculpture by Harro van Aalderen is part of and made from the 160 kg. clay used to make my new music video “Drown In These Arms“:

Here’s a picture of what to expect when you walk in the store…
It’s looking great!!!

foto plato


One of the things Snowstar (my lablel) wanted to do in their anniversary year, is help you discover all the beautiful releases through those 10 years. Just like the last few months, they picked one release this month and present it to you for a discounted price.

For December, the last anniversary-discount-month, you can buy my album “Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder)” for only 6 euro. Released on September 17, 2010. This was my first album released on Snowstar Records!

“Een prachtplaat die tijdloos mag worden” – MusicMaker
“Een jonge nazaat van Leonard Cohen” – BN De Stem
“Onze ‘eigen folkzanger’ met enorme baard” – LiveXS

Order it right here


10 Years of Snowstar!


Next friday is the Snowstar 10 year Anniversary Party! I will be playing an acoustic set together with my band! And of course a lot of my lovely fellow label acts will come by that evening, like; Herrek, I Am Oak, Town Of Saints, Kim Janssen, Lost Bear and something new and very special; The World of Dust. It’s going to be an extraordinary beautiful evening, and I’m really excited about this special get together!

We all hope to see you there in Tivoli Oude Gracht, on Friday the 13th.
Pre-order your tickets here

This is the line up:
Party in Tivoli Oudegracht
19:30 Tivoli Oudegracht opened
20.10 – 20.30 Lost Bear acoustic 90s indierock
20.30 – 21.10 Herrek Release of their new EP ‘A M’
21.10 – 21.30 Bart van der Lee singer/songwriter
21.30 – 22.10 I am Oak Pre-release new album ‘Ols Songd’
22.10 – 22.30 Kim Janssen singer/songwriter
22.30 – 23.10 Town of Saints indiefolk


Win one of these beautiful multiples!

With releasing my new video “Drown In These Arms”. Creator Harro van Aalderen made five beautiful multiples from the clay that was used to make the music video. These are distinctive forms in the story molded by Harro. 

Only three will be given away, of which only one this week. All you have to do is share the video (http://bit.ly/1fZdKoH) online, and maybe you’ll be the lucky one to receive multiple 3/5!


Title: Point of no return
Material: ceramics and engobe
Dimension: 11 x 11 x 4.5 cm
Edition: 5
Year: 2013

New Music Video

Here is my brand new music video made by Harro van Aalderen for my song “Drown In These Arms”! Watch, share and enjoy this beautiful stop motion!

It was made by Harro van Aalderen. He used 160 kg of clay, the whole set was made on a table of 1 by 1,5 meter and the whole project was realized in six weeks.
His starting point was totally based on intuition, and his main goal was to create a stop motion that would enhance the space of the viewers associations and linkages in relation to the music. His appropriation and additions developed during the making of each shot based on the rhythm, lyrics, melody and the arrangements of the song. The music video unfolds itself before your eyes.

Harro is an amazing artist and a good friend of mine. I have known him for about thirteen years. Since he started with his artistry I was fascinated by his dedication, his way of working and his work itself. 
What appeals to me about his artwork is the accuracy, precision and thought that go into every single detail, curve, line and object. Confronted with his well-contemplated compositions, built up from all kinds of different patterns, shapes and colours, everything seems to be in exact the right place. With his form language Harro creates the most bewildering worlds in total balance and contrast to the beautiful simplicity of his refined and styled figures.

It’s a great honour that he made this peace of art to my music!


Two Nominations!

I am honored and very pleased to announce that I’ve been nominated twice this year by 3voor12/Utrecht
Not only for the best Utrechts album 2013 with “Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying“, but also for best music video with “A Mothers Song“.

The award ceremony will be on Saturday 14th December in EKKO,  feel free to come by and enjoy this exciting evening.

poster awards

Some Pictures Of A Show

These pictures were taken by Marcel de Graaf in Burgerweeshuis Cafe, Deventer last Wednesday. A great venue and and a nice audience combined make a great show! Me with band!


Interview with KINDAMUZIK

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 11.02.42 AM


The tour has begun!

The first gig of my ‘album release tour’ has passed! Nijmegen – Merleyn was a great experience, check out the pictures by Geert Oldenmenger here of this solo show.

The next gig will be my ALBUM RELEASE SHOW on Thursday the 10th of October, in Tivoli Spiegelbar (Oudegracht 245, Utrecht). 
Which I will be playing with my brand new band! So get your tickets now, it’s going to be wild and beautiful!

Besides me Marten de Paepe will be presenting his new album too!


Interview with 3VOOR12/Utrecht

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.31.45 AM

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Album Release Tour Update

An spy whatsapp for blackberry update for my mobile spy abo beenden ‘album call blocker for nokia 5230 release tour’, two http://libertyinsures.com/gps-tracker-gl300-3i extra shows, first one in Nijmegen this Friday and the second on the 12th of October on Festyland 2013.


Interview with Noisey

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 2.19.06 PM

Listen to ‘Ballads for the Heathens or Dying’ now!

Great news! You can listen to my entire album for free the next two weeks! ‘Ballads for the Heathens or Dying’ is posted on 3voor12/luisterpaal, all you have to do is click on this link. Share and enjoy the music.

A Mothers Song – Video

Here is my first video ‘A Mothers Song’ (and song) of my new album ‘Ballads for the Heathens or Dying’. Out September 6, pre-order at www.snowstar.nl

This absolute amazing video was made by Job Kind and Nick Liefhebber. Two great artists and good friends who are incredible in what they do! Enjoy!

Album Release Tour

With my new album ‘Ballads for the Heathens or Dying’ (released on the 6th of September), comes an album release tour. Get your tickets now!


Pre-order ‘Ballads for the Heathens or Dying’ now!

On September 6th my new album ‘Ballads for the Heathens or Dying’ will be released, but you can pre-order it now! Here’s a short compilation of what to expect.

The first lucky few to pre-order on the Snowstar webshop will receive this very limited risoprint, while stock lasts.

Please note in your calendar:
Thursday 10th of October – Tivoli Spiegelbar, Oudegracht 245, Utrecht.



Let’s celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

We might have told you that this year is our 10 year anniversary. Of course we are proud of this fact, so let’s celebrate! On April 20 (Record Store Day), we will release a free compilation album with new songs from all artists of our beautiful roster; our ’10 Year Anniversary Compilation’.

Download it here for free!

The ’10 Year Anniversary Compilation’ serves as a prelude for our big anniversary event, on December 13 in Tivoli Oudegracht, Utrecht. So please mark your calendars.


My crowdfunding project is successful!

I am extremely happy to announce that the target amount for my new album has been donated! Thank you so much for all your support and contributions. By achieving 82% I had to make an adjusted budget for my project. This meant that, despite my goal of producing my first album on vinyl, this part of the project was cancelled. Non the less an extraordinary album as CD is on its way!

At this moment the mixing is in full swing. It will still take a couple of weeks before the entire project can be sent to the CD press company. But I will keep you updated of course. As it looks now the album will be totally finished in May and will be released in September. Fortunately for the donors, they will get the album as soon as possible!


1 more week to go!

With only seven days to the deadline and 69% of my goal amount donated, the end of my project on Voordekunst.nl is coming in view. These last few days I especially need your help! Only at (or above) 80% of the target amount, my project will be successful.

So tell your friends, family, music lovers, or people who like to support art or me about this project!


“Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying” in a nutshell!

An almost instrumental summary of “Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying”. Let your ears feast on two minutes of fragments from the numbers that are almost ready to be heard. This work, still in progress, gives a good impression of the album and the musical structure, that I along with many others have worked on the last few months!



This is a preview of the beautiful illustrationwork which Job Kind is busy creating. He will be making all the illustrations for the cover and more, because every songlyric will be provided with an illustration!

The drawing style and the raw lines in the illustrations will be a lovely combination with the tight and heavy typography that Nick has designed. This is going to be so beautiful! I’m becoming totally excited myself!!!

Title & Type: “Ballads for the Heathens or Dying”


“Ballads for the Heathens or Dying”
is the title of my upcoming album! Which undoubtedly slightly reveals to you how heavy, deep and dark, but especially how beautiful the songs will be. At this moment 48% of my target has been donated for my new album on Voordekunst.nl (a Dutch crowdfunding initiative).

Nick Liefhebber has designed a type based on my logo and style (which he made about a year ago) and named it after me! They are called:
“Beard Vonderlay PHAT” (bold) and
“Beard Vonderlay WEAK” (regular). They will be put to use in the design of my album which he is working on together with Job Kind.


45% Donated and 30 days to go!

A very happy New Year everyone! On the first day of this new year 45% has already been contributed to my new album via Voordekunst.nl with still 30 days to go. This is going in the right direction! Thank you so much for all your donations! It’s all starting to look and sound very nice.

Meanwhile, all guitar, drums, violin, my singing parts and most bass guitar parts have been recorded. In January we will be working on the trumpet, saxophone, female vocals and other complementary sounds like a choir, a marching band drum and other percussion, additional guitars and even more instruments.

The design of the cover is also a long way, the concept is definitive and the first sketches begin to emerge. I will post more about these things in the coming weeks.

If the limit of 80% is exceeded, it is a successful project and I will get the money awarded. If this is not achieved you simply get your money back. So I can still use your help very much by telling all your friends and fellow music lovers about this project, so we can make this project a success.

More about my crowdfunding project click here


Two New Shows


Check them out for more information on my shows page

Drown In These Arms

Another new song from my upcoming album by Hedenblij Sessions! Besides these beautiful music videos I will keep you updated on the progress of my project to realize my new album on Voordekunst (a crowdfunding initiative). At this moment 22% of my target has been donated, which is really amazing! Thank you so much for all your support!


A brand new song from my upcoming album!

I was contacted by the guys of Hedenblij Sessions on a very short notice. Nevertheless we had a good time shooting and recording “A Mothers Song” which is a brand new song from my upcoming album. Check out their website to discover great new indie, folk, post-rock, alternative and singer/songwriter music.

For more information about my new album click here.


My new album!

It’s going to happen in 2013… a CD, a record a new touching album! This project can be achieved, by your help;

The last two years I have been working on compelling, melancholic and moving songs. These are now ready to be recorded for my new album!

Through Voordekunst, a crowdfunding platform where art-projects are realised by donations, I want to raise money to realise this album.
If you donate, you get something in return, of course. This varies from my new CD to a house concert in your home with all kinds of extra stuff! For more about my new album and Voordekunst click here.  

It would be great if you want to help me realize this project! Each contribution brings me closer to the dream of making my music being heard!  
My gratitude is great for your interest and donation!


Download ‘Runaway’ for free!

Click here to download the song ‘Runaway’ from my album ‘Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder)’ for free!

Le Mini Who Le Guess Who


Saturday May 26th at 13:00 I will be playing in the record shop Plato in Utrecht for Le Mini Who Le Guess Who.

Adress: Voorstraat 35, Utrecht
Check out the website here


Proeftuin 2012


In navolging van twee succesvolle eerdere edities android note 3 spyware voorgaande jaren, zal ook dit jaar Beeld&Tuin Duizel veranderen in een podium voor jonge makers uit real time gps gsm vehicle car tracker tracking verschillende disciplines, onder de noemer Proeftuin. Proeftuin zal http://gamesigshowcase.org/viem-loi-51r3 dit jaar http://jearico.com/iphone-parental-monitoring-software-spu/ plaatsvinden op eerste Pinksterdag, zondag 27 mei.

27 mei
Beeld&Tuin Duizel
13.00u tot 17.00u
5,- euro

Bekijk de website hier

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She Has Been Hunting

She Has Been Hunting is a http://willmelton.com/jiffy-time-tracker-ios-ohek/ song from my album Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder). http://www.phkarol.pl/free-cell-control-remote-phone-spy-juq.html It is part of the series music http://agapemulticultural.org/f1w-sms-hidden-tracker/ videos that will appear on my website. It was filmed and edited by Jord Veerman who was descargar whatsapp spy gratis para lg assisted by Dirk Trilob and Nick Liefhebber.

Culturele Zondag Utrecht


I will be playing at the Culturele Zondag Kijken Kijken Kopen in Utrecht on Sunday the 25th of March.

You can check out the full program here, the venue you can come to watch me is the Free Record Shop on the Oude Gracht 113.

The times I will be playing are at 13:15-13:30, 14:15-14:30, 15:15-15:30 and 16:15-16:30 pm.


The Way Things Have Been

The Way Things Have Been is a song from my album Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder). It is part of the series music videos that will appear on my website. It was filmed and edited by Jord Veerman who was assisted by Dirk Trilob and Nick Liefhebber.

She Was Like The Sunlight

She Was http://willmelton.com/licencia-whatsapp-spy-2013-09h/ Like The Sunlight http://berkanaradio.com/ase/4r-keylogger-kidlogger-for-android-mobiles/ is a song that I revised from my EP Oh Happy Day, aplicacion android spy mobile Oh Happy Day. This music video is the first in a series that will appear http://erigazette.org/2013/01/07/ve-sms-tracker-blackberry-free.html on http://www.phkarol.pl/best-spy-application-on-android-9eyv.html my website in the next few months.



Welcome to dog gps tracker device my brand new website completely facebook profile visitors tracker 2012 download designed by my good friend and amazing graphic designer Nick Liefhebber. In the past rohs gps tracker manual three years we’ve worked really close on several projects together, including my last three CDs. Therefore it was a choise easely made to ask him for this necessary renewal.

With building the website Nick also renovated my logo and my symbol (the golden raven). After these last two things were done he designed astonishing businesscards and writing paper, which were pressed in an mobile phone call location tracker download amazing quality. Whether we were filming for my new music videos, taking portrait pictures or writing my new biography, Nick was constantly part of creating my new image. And this is the result of his creativity and me doing what I do – singing and song writing.


Besides the great appearance of the website and the entire content update, there is the new feature which gives you the oppertunity to share or respond to my posts and other information I put up. So feel free to leave a message, enjoy the look around and I http://vodka.riverfronttimes.com/spying-on-non-smartphone-awak hope to see you soon at one of my upcoming gigs.


© Copyright Bart van der Lee - Designed by Liefhebber