Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying

Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying
Released: 06 Sep 2013

Compact Disc (CD)
 € 14,00
Digital Album € 10,00

Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying is Bart van der Lee's second album released on Snowstar Records in September 2013.
On this record, van der Lee departs from his strict protestant roots while burning what’s left of that, he finds happiness, love and hope outside of religion. From the first notes that are struck a deeper darkness falls over the music. Dark folk is not without reason the label that can be used to describe van der Lee’s music.
The lyrics are thorough and taken from life, although you can appoint them gloomy, they are rather contemplative and comforting, in which the confrontational and personal texts are of a poignant honesty. And through this it expresses that not only education moulds you but also your own thoughts, ideas and above all life itself.

In all intimacy van der Lee seems to make a grand entrance with a band. Yet he continues in his role as humble man with a guitar. Unlike his debut, the arrangements are more prominent. This because the instrumentation is more layered.

A complete overview of the projects artwork, including: lino cuts, patterns, type, music video, album artwork, riso print and silkscreen print, crafted by Job Kind and Nick Liefhebber can be found here.

Ingeplugd ★★★★
"A surprising and special album"

Lust for life magazine ★★★★ "Surprisingly strong album"

"A sublime release"

Written in Music ★★★★ "Immerse in the beautiful lyrics"

"The result is simply heavenly"

De Recensent
"A pearl I tell you"

Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder)

Between Tall Pine Trees
(Sadness & Thunder)
Released: 17 Sep 2010

Special edition (CD) € 20,00
Compact Disc (CD) € 14,00
Digital Album € 10,00

between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder) is Bart van der Lee’s debut album released on Snowstar Records in October 2010.
In search of enriching his music, Bart worked together with Stefan Breuer as producer for this album. In contrast to his previous works, the songs are now less basic and supplemented by a variety of instruments and backing vocalists. This, together with the combination of the unique simplicity of Bart’s tackling and his modest songs, creates an amazing synergy that gives his new music both power and beauty.
The songs are sad, since he has a preference for the darker side of life. With his deep and heavy voice that adumbrates dark clouds, accompanied by minor chords, Bart muses about life’s difficult moments.

Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder) can be well described as crude, murk, melancholic and personal.

Besides the normal edition, the album appeared in a special edition of 150 pieces. Both versions of the album are handmade, using various creative techniques. It is beautifully designed and put together by Horror Vacui, a partnership of Nick Liefhebber and Van der Lee himself.

"That deep, dark voice presses a beautiful stamp on the music"

"He understands the power of simplicity"
"A beautiful record that may be timeless"

"Van der Lee is fearless for the dark"

Lift This Weight

Lift This Weight, is another self-released production. It is a single from March 2009 and contains three songs. Like the previous CD, it resulted from close cooperation with Nick Liefhebber. He provided valuable creative input and designed the case.

In the songs, Bart van der Lee pours his heart out and shares new emotional and appealing narratives. They are inspired by his part time job at the Salvation Army, working with drug addicts. His music is also influenced by the emigration of his parents from the Netherlands to Indonesia.
It is noticeable that Bart’s voice keeps on developing a hoarse and rough character. On this single he skillfully harmonizes this with the sound of his new Gretsch, a guitar well known for its unrefined and raw sound. This combination, together with the sadness so intensely present in each of his songs, is a fusion bound to cause a very touching and lasting impression.
Every copy of the 100 singles is unique and handmade. The case is decorated by various kinds of graphic techniques. One of them being the application of rubber stamps.

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day is also a self-released CD. It is a fully acoustic EP, resulting from the creative interaction with Nick Liefhebber. This second CD became available in December 2008 under his own (and new artist’s) name: Bart van der Lee.
Bart’s finger picking technique, enhanced by backing vocals, cello and double bass, intimately communicate his life’s stories. One of the songs is dedicated to his nephew when he turned one. Another to a family member who was about to pass away. His lyrics are personal and poignant, narrating about death, parting and the hopelessness that can occur in such situations.
The EP has a harsh and unpolished mood just like Bart’s first album ASFALT. This time he used a very old-fashioned eight-track tape recorder. This device allows each song to be recorded in one take only. It enables an exclusive, authentic and raw sound to come to life.

Each of the 80 cases was entirely handmade. For this, Bart was assisted by Nick Liefhebber. Together they did the cutting, creasing, folding, punching and silk-screening. Nick also designed and illustrated the case, the booklet and the accompanying poster.


ASFALT (Asphalt) is Bart van der Lee’s first and self-released album. It came out in January 2006 under the name asfalt-projects, which was his artist’s name at that time. This album is acoustic and most of the songs are accompanied by drum.

The first thing that strikes, is that every single song is a sincere expression of what lives in Bart’s heart. His voice is both strong and fragile at the same time. The main topic and inspiration for this album is the unfortunate event that his wife left him. This happened the year before ASFALT saw the light of day.
Most of the songs have a dark and melancholic taste to them. They describe the pain and struggle he went through around the divorce. Next to the heaviness and despair that color the majority of the songs, the album features some that rise above the others. They communicate his newly found hope. Just like the lyrics, the music is both very personal and intimate. The absence of any added effects make this album a sincere listening diary.
All graphics for this album were created by Bart himself as a graduate in Illustration of the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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